Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rebellious Reveille

Call me an extremist if you must, but at least I'm not a sheeple. Here's a little poem I wrote.

Rebellious Reveille

Fat cat politicians with their hands in countless tills
Balancing their budgets by taking away your grandma’s pills.
Next goes mortgage interest and you may just lose your home,
But Congress ain’t concerned from their patrician Capitol Dome.
Yeah, the republic is decaying and the common man is screwed.
The future’s looking scary when through average eyes it’s viewed.
We thought the American Dream trumped Malthusian economics,
But corporate greed and cronyism rendered it plain tragicomic.
It may already be too late to ever reverse the trend
Where we turn out our pockets so our overlords can spend,
But not on social safety nets or finding us a job.
Instead they’ll gladly pay a friend to build a bomb to lob.
And our inconvenient plebian selves that they’ve disenfranchised
Can be quelled as cannon fodder so the over-class survives.
Unless we throw off the chains of our financial servitude
The day will come when none of us has a job, a home or food.
The corporations get the breaks and send the jobs away
They don’t care for our future, just their personal paydays.
They do it in the name of their fiduciary duty,
But take their cut and tank the market, ripping out their booty.
And all our savings drop like rocks right along with the Dow,
Pensions, college dreams destroyed, but not their sacred cow
Of tax cuts for the rich and the corporate uber-class,
While the rest of us just take another boot right in the ass.
They’re threatening the unions and social security
While they maintain their lifestyles most assuredly.
We’re told we must buy health insurance to line their pockets more
So what if we can’t pay the rent with this illusory cure.
They hold up change and progress like it is the holy grail.
Yeah, they succeed and skim the cream and leave us the empty pail.
Wake up my people, look around, and finally take note
The robber barons stole our country and now they can buy the vote.
If we don’t find a way soon to restore our liberty
We’re heading for a cliff and a major tragedy.
Rise up and reject their glib self interested solutions
And don’t accept their profit-driven political prostitution.
By, of, and for the People is what government’s supposed to be.
Let’s find a way to make it so or we’re no longer free!

Copyright 2014, Chele Coyne. Feel free to share, with credit.

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