Monday, March 25, 2013

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Civilian Disarmament Works... If Democide is the Goal

  • 1.6 Billion rounds.
  • Thousands of "assault weapons" (thought the government calls them personal defense rifles when they are in guvmint hands...)
  • Almost 3,000 MRAP armored vehicles.
Who is the intended target?
DHS is gearing up for war.
With whom?

Friday, March 8, 2013

God bless these guns

Amazing, isn't it, that, given all the attempts to demonize guns and legal gun owners, these rifles didn't just crumble to dust or burst into flame when the holy water touched them.

Or maybe, like the people who know guns have said all along, they are just tools, and whether they are used for good or evil depends upon the heart and mind of the person wielding them.

Law abiding citizens are not the problem. We are just the convenient scapegoat for the criminals and the criminally insane, because our government has no clue how to actual solve those very real problems. Gun control is just as much security theater as the TSA groping 3 year olds and people in wheelchairs.There is nothing proposed that offers "common sense solutions" or "reasonable restrictions" when the entire problem has been mis-identified, whether out of ignorance or guile. What we have are bread and circuses that violate the rights of millions of law abiding people in order to put on a show for the gullible, who are no safer as a result.

It's not the guns who need an excorcist, no matter how "scary" they look, but rather our politicians, who are willing to trample the Constitution for political gain.

Feinstein :Legal to Hunt Humans

I find the fact that a person with such little acquaintance with reality holds a position of power far scarier than any so-called assault weapon.

Missed Opportunities

"We Missed an Opportunity; Instead, New York Passed a Gun Law

Posted on March 5, 2013 by Contributor

By Assemblyman Will Barclay

On Feb. 28 there was a gun rally in Albany. There was an estimated 10,000 people who attended from across the state.

The rally represented not only those advocating for Second Amendment rights but those fighting for democracy. There were thousands of people there who not only opposed the law but were furious with the way in which it was pass. It was forced upon us. The public had no time to weigh in.

Lawmakers had limited time to review the 39-paged bill before the majority made this law.

As a result, people organized through email and Facebook campaigns and met in unified opposition to the so called NY SAFE Act. Fifty counties and multiple municipalities have proposed or passed resolutions across the state seeking its repeal.

The Sheriff’s Association has come out in opposition.

Cuomo’s gun control law will cost taxpayer dollars to the tune of $37 million. We will spend $3.2 million from the general fund to pay for 25 positions to implement the law. It is estimated we will spend $32.7 million for the design of a pistol permit database. And there are additional costs that are incalculable at this time, particularly administrative costs to localities.

The rally was a signal to the Governor and the Democratic-majority that we hold our Constitutional rights dear. Making law-abiding gun owners criminals by changing the definition of an assault weapon and what is permissible was a bad idea.

So are proposed laws that would require gun owners to take out $1 million in liability insurance.

Our nation was shaken and horrified at what happened in Newtown. Parents imagined that it could happen in their child’s schools. We grieved after the tragedy at the senseless loss of life, looking for ways to understand its horror.

After such an evil act, we look for justice and we look to try and prevent another tragedy of this kind.

Schools responded by increasing safety or reinstating previous safety protocols. It’s natural to look at the weapons used; however, we missed the opportunity to get a true dialogue started that would result in changes that might help our state."

Read the whole piece here.

Legislator's survey on gun control

Express your opinion here.

Here are my suggestions for reducing violent crime:

Do not parole violent offenders; increase sentencing for gun crime; let nonviolent offenders serve in Americorps or a WPA-like program to free up space and money to keep the dangerous in prison where they belong; fund mental health care and make "parity" more than a joke.

Crime Stats Piers Morgan MSM Won't Discuss - 2013 Gun Control Debate