Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Song I Wrote

You can call it a reversal,
But I call it a crime.
Government bails out the fat cats
On the taxpayers' dime.
CEOs get their bonus
While we get the bill
'Cause corporate greed
Has bought the Capitol Hill.
Yeah, we talk about change
But as far as I can see
It's just the same old same old
Good Ole Boy Democracy.

When you get in trouble
And your payment is late
You can bet your bank
Jacks the interest rate.
But when the bank's got problems,
Well, that just won't do.
Goverment passes off their bill to me and you.
Well, now our retirement savings
Have all been wiped out
But the average joe
Ain't got political clout.
So the execs get their parachutes
But we get to fall
And it isn't really a surprise at all.

I'm a downtrodden member
Of the 98 percent
Whose pot to piss in
The other 2 percent lent.
How'd we get to this juncture
Where the working man slaves
To make ends meet
While the plutocrat saves;
Where families struggle
While celebrities soar;
And give us bread and circuses
'Cause we don't deserve more?

Sometime since the Founders,
Far as I can tell
The American Dream became
The average man's hell.
Doesn't matter who's in power
Elephant or ass
Neither represents the middle class.
We were good little children
Taught to quietly obey
While the robber barons
Stole our future away.
Wake up my brothers
It is no time to sleep
'Cause nothing's gonna change
If we all act like sheep.