Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Our Words

Bloomberg's Folly is exploiting victims of criminals with guns again. Yawn.

But they couldn't resist pointing out that the NRA does not speak for them.

Well, the NRA has never claimed to speak for every American. It claims to speak for its millions of dues paying members.

Perhaps the anti-liberty set should apply their distaste with "not our words" to their own house. "MOMentum is building!" announces MOMsanto PR flack Shannon Watts, she who presumes to speak for all mothers. She does not speak for me. And furthermore:

And now everything but the anti-gun comment has been deleted. Surprised, why no.

And then we get told that nothing we have to say matters:

Again, no surprises. The sheer degree of Orwellian double-speak and "some animals are more equal than others" elitist garbage from the anti-liberty opportunists is appalling.

Here's a screen shot of their Exalted Leader's LinkedIn page (except for the arrow, which I added.).

WTH is Thought Leadership? Is that the same thing that Eric Holder publicly touts, i.e. "brainwashing Americans" to get them to relinquish their 2d Amendment rights? Thought Leadership? More like fear mongering and emotional manipulation, with a side order of othering and demonizing their opponents, and censoring any comments that disagree with their party line. Really gives you the warm and fuzzies what some moms stand for.... NOT! And the fact that she's a former corporate shill for Monsanto just adds to her credibility... ALSO NOT!

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