Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Our Words

Bloomberg's Folly is exploiting victims of criminals with guns again. Yawn.

But they couldn't resist pointing out that the NRA does not speak for them.

Well, the NRA has never claimed to speak for every American. It claims to speak for its millions of dues paying members.

Perhaps the anti-liberty set should apply their distaste with "not our words" to their own house. "MOMentum is building!" announces MOMsanto PR flack Shannon Watts, she who presumes to speak for all mothers. She does not speak for me. And furthermore:

And now everything but the anti-gun comment has been deleted. Surprised, why no.

And then we get told that nothing we have to say matters:

Again, no surprises. The sheer degree of Orwellian double-speak and "some animals are more equal than others" elitist garbage from the anti-liberty opportunists is appalling.

Here's a screen shot of their Exalted Leader's LinkedIn page (except for the arrow, which I added.).

WTH is Thought Leadership? Is that the same thing that Eric Holder publicly touts, i.e. "brainwashing Americans" to get them to relinquish their 2d Amendment rights? Thought Leadership? More like fear mongering and emotional manipulation, with a side order of othering and demonizing their opponents, and censoring any comments that disagree with their party line. Really gives you the warm and fuzzies what some moms stand for.... NOT! And the fact that she's a former corporate shill for Monsanto just adds to her credibility... ALSO NOT!

Ron Paul: This is How Liberty Dies, With Thunderous Applause

As a Libertarian, given current events, the only appropriate post I can
think of making for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You...) is
the following:

Rebellious Reveille

Call me an extremist if you must, but at least I'm not a sheeple. Here's a little poem I wrote.

Rebellious Reveille

Fat cat politicians with their hands in countless tills
Balancing their budgets by taking away your grandma’s pills.
Next goes mortgage interest and you may just lose your home,
But Congress ain’t concerned from their patrician Capitol Dome.
Yeah, the republic is decaying and the common man is screwed.
The future’s looking scary when through average eyes it’s viewed.
We thought the American Dream trumped Malthusian economics,
But corporate greed and cronyism rendered it plain tragicomic.
It may already be too late to ever reverse the trend
Where we turn out our pockets so our overlords can spend,
But not on social safety nets or finding us a job.
Instead they’ll gladly pay a friend to build a bomb to lob.
And our inconvenient plebian selves that they’ve disenfranchised
Can be quelled as cannon fodder so the over-class survives.
Unless we throw off the chains of our financial servitude
The day will come when none of us has a job, a home or food.
The corporations get the breaks and send the jobs away
They don’t care for our future, just their personal paydays.
They do it in the name of their fiduciary duty,
But take their cut and tank the market, ripping out their booty.
And all our savings drop like rocks right along with the Dow,
Pensions, college dreams destroyed, but not their sacred cow
Of tax cuts for the rich and the corporate uber-class,
While the rest of us just take another boot right in the ass.
They’re threatening the unions and social security
While they maintain their lifestyles most assuredly.
We’re told we must buy health insurance to line their pockets more
So what if we can’t pay the rent with this illusory cure.
They hold up change and progress like it is the holy grail.
Yeah, they succeed and skim the cream and leave us the empty pail.
Wake up my people, look around, and finally take note
The robber barons stole our country and now they can buy the vote.
If we don’t find a way soon to restore our liberty
We’re heading for a cliff and a major tragedy.
Rise up and reject their glib self interested solutions
And don’t accept their profit-driven political prostitution.
By, of, and for the People is what government’s supposed to be.
Let’s find a way to make it so or we’re no longer free!

Copyright 2014, Chele Coyne. Feel free to share, with credit.

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime | Human Events

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime | Human Events

The monster is real - And it is IGNORANCE and FEARMONGERING

Have you seen the States United To Prevent Gun Violence Online Advertisement, entitled "The Monster Is Real"?

It's an animated cartoon, in which a kid finds something scary in the hall closet. His parents tell him there is no such thing as monsters. Eventually, curiosity overrides fear, with tragic results, when he decides to play with the "monster"-- a gun.

Here, watch if you want, but please stick around to hear my thoughts on this bit of blatant fearmongering propaganda.

OK, so what's wrong with that?

Where do I start?

Yes, folks, the monster is real, and it is ignorance, not a tool.

They say 1.5 million children live in homes with unsecured guns. And yet, we do not have millions of accidental gun deaths a year. Why is that?

Simply because the vast majority of parents in gun owning households are responsible people who practice gun safety and teach it to their children.

Ignorance is the monster, not guns. Fear is its ugly cousin. And education is the answer, the magic potion that banishes monsters, not further "feel good" knee-jerk failed gun control legislation.

If you wouldn't let a child play unsupervised with a band saw, then don't let him do so with a gun. This is not rocket science. Both are tools that pose major hazards if improperly used. Yet nobody is calling band saws monsters, legislating their storage and use, or demonizing their owners.

Nor, significantly, is anyone inadvertently teaching their children that band saws are toys, and gifting them with miniature plastic versions.

In many gun owning households, "toy guns" are not welcome, because they teach entirely the wrong lesson: disrespect for firearms.

It is, once again, our culture at fault, not a tool. (Just as our culture is where the roots of violence are formed, in poverty, alienation, hopelessness, and hate, which are what we really need to address, rather than demonizing any one particular tool that people use to commit violence.)

Stop buying Johnny a plastic popgun, and maybe he will not be inclined to play with the real thing.

Better yet, introduce Johnny to Eddie Eagle, or if you can't bring yourself to have even that little to do with the NRA, find another gun safety program.

Better yet, take Johnny to the range, and shoot a watermelon. Let Johnny see with his own eyes what power firearms have.

Then explain to him that the same thing can happen to someone's head if you point a gun at it. Guns are not toys.

Teach gun safety, not fear.

Fear doesn't work. It may, in the short term. But for the same reason that we love rollercoasters and horror movies, fear is not the antidote to curiosity. Eventually, curiosity and thrill seeking win out over fear. Fear mongering and labeling things or people as monsters is not the appropriate answer to curiosity. Providing knowledge is.

Teach kids to respect the power of firearms, the same way you teach them to respect power tools like band saws, lathes, circular saws, etc.

We will all be safer.

And here's Eddie Eagle, to assist you:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cuomo's Sandy Hook Exploitation Decoded

Andy Cuomo is shameless. He rolls in the blood of victims to promote his agenda, all the while seeking to make all of us victims by removing our natural rights to defend ourselves.

Here, in bold, are his smarmy, self- aggrandizing remarks on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook murders. My take on them follows in normal print.

"Today marks one year since the day this nation lost 26 innocent lives, when 20 children and six teachers became the victims of senseless gun violence at Sandy Hook elementary school”

Today marks a year since the day 27 innocent people became the victims of one depraved individual, who also murdered his own mother in her bed.

“On this difficult day, the families and friends who lost loved ones at Newtown are in the prayers and thoughts of New Yorkers.”


“The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook was a horrific wake-up call that we must act on the issue of gun violence before another child’s future is wiped away. All across the country, elected officials, parents and community leaders stood up together to call on their State and Federal governments to pass stronger laws that protect our neighborhoods from dangerous weapons.”

The tragic murders at Sandy Hook were a rare and unpredictable event, the sole responsibility for which falls squarely on the shoulders of the lone individual who perpetrated them. No motive has yet been established, and none of the medical and mental health professionals who treated the murderer, nor any of his acquaintances, noted any warning signs of his festering violence. Every law abiding gun owner in America does not deserve to be made a scapegoat because the killer’s suicide has removed him from the reach of human wrath and punishment. Most “gun violence” in this country is perpetrated by gang members and other criminals, like the perpetrator here, whose rampage last year broke many laws. Expecting that another gun law would have stopped him is simply insane.

“Here in New York, we passed the NY SAFE Act, comprised of common sense reforms to keep guns out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill, ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and raise the penalty for killing a first responder on duty.”

Translation: Here in New York , I and my cronies used political blackmail to ram through the New York SAFE Act in the dead of night, bypassing the public comment period required under the New York Constitution, for political expediency’s sake, rather than any true exigency, since most of its provisions did not go into effect for months (or , in several cases, even more than a year) later. Had this legislation been proffered in the usual manner, I could never have gotten it passed over the public outcry against it. More than 80 percent of the counties in New York have called for its repeal and it is the subject of several lawsuits seeking to have it thrown out as unconstitutional. My new definition of assault weapon, based on purely cosmetic features, results in a taking of previously legally acquired property, since gun owners can not pass on their arms to their heirs; their valuable and expensive property must must be surrendered to the State at their deaths, so that it can be destroyed. No compensation is given for this taking of private property by the state under the SAFE Act.

Perhaps most ludicrously, a pistol that weighs over 50 ounces, previously legally owned and registered on a law abiding gun owner's permit, is now deemed an assault rifle and subject to confiscation on the owner's death.

Common sense? Reasonable?

No. Arbitrary, capricious, and ridiculous to anyone who understands firearms, including much of the New York law enforcement community, who were not consulted on the provisions of King Cuomo's draconian new laws.

“New York is proud to be home to some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. There is no better way to honor the memories of those we lost at Newtown than to make sure they did not die in vain and work together to pass long overdue gun laws to make this whole country safer.”

Translation: A small proportion of down-staters, especially New York City progressives, who have been denied the use of arms by that city’s draconian licensing scheme for decades, and, thus, have no appreciation of their utility and popularity in most of the rest of the state, are ecstatic to have “done something” to assuage their horror over the Sandy Hook murders, even though the New York SAFE Act does nothing to prevent a future similar crime, as it focuses almost exclusively on law abiding citizens. Doing something to combat actual criminals is too hard, so we chose to violate the rights of thousands of decent citizens, because we thought that, since they are, by definition, law abiding, they would just go along with our opportunistic civilian disarmament scheme.

“As Washington D.C. remains at a standstill on this issue, I urge our representatives in Congress to reach across the aisle and act now because we cannot have another tragedy like Sandy Hook.”

Translation: My ego demands that the country follow in my footsteps. Validate me, America! I know better than you! I should be able to make life and death decisions for you. I (and others of the elite Political Class) should be able to tell you how to live, peasants. Bow to the will of your betters.

Um, no. I don't think so, Andy. I am a citizen, not a subject. You and your ilk have turned me, and a host of my fellow self reliant, liberty oriented peers, into single issue voters.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Pro2A Mom's Answers to Moms Demand Action [NON!!!] Member Survey 2013

Moms Demand Action Member Survey 2013 * Required First Name *Chele
Last Name *C
Address Somewhere is Cuomostan
Email *

Do you think your elected officials are doing enough to prevent gun violence in your state?

No: I think my elected representatives are doing way more than necessary to impede law abiding citizens in exercising their Second Amendment rights, and NOTHING to stop criminals and the dangerously insane from spree killings and more mundane forms of "gun violence."

I think New York should be a shall issue state, and all law abiding citizens should be able to concealed carry.

I think gun free zones are happy hunting grounds for the demented and evil and should be eradicated.

I think we should do away with parole for violent offenders and increase mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes and crimes involving weapons. I think we should stop allowing criminals to plea bargain to lesser charges that erase any liability for using weapons in the commission of their crimes. I think we should prosecute 4473 violations (lying on background checks!) and enforce the laws we already have.

I think we need to fund mental health care to the point of actual parity rather than giving lip service to the idea and continuing to stigmatize people for seeking help.

I think the NYSAFE Act is unconstitutional and needs to be repealed or overturned by the courts.

    What do you think are the most important issues concerning gun violence? Please check [[bolded type]] all that apply.

  • Ensuring background checks for ALL gun sales

    We already have background checks and don't prosecute people who lie on them. Criminals do not buy guns in settings where background checks will occur. Back alleys, fellow criminals, unscrupulous friends and family and straw purchasers are their sources. All you are doing is adding more hoops for law abiding people to jump, and trying to discourage anyone from owning a gun by making it too expensive for all but your elitist cronies to afford. And Manchin Toomey had a lot of other land mines in it, like making me a felon if my husband went away on a business trip for more than a week, because his guns in the safe would have illegally transferred to me, sans background check.

  • Keeping military-style assault weapons off our streets.

    Stupid. Cosmetic features do not make a semiautomatic gun into a machine gun. Boogie man scare tactics.

  • Limiting high-capacity magazines

    Stupid. Only will affect law abiding people.

  • Making gun trafficking a federal crime


  • Tracking the sale of large quantities of ammunition and banning online sales.

    No. You already require background checks for gun sales. Ammo registry is backdoor gun registry and enables potential confiscation a la New Orleans during Katrina. Besides... Define large. I go through 500 rounds a weekend at the range, practicing. If I were competing, it would be more.

  • Establishing product safety oversight of guns and ammunition, and requiring child-safe gun technology.

    Stupid, doesn't work, keeps married couples from sharing guns, and if it fails and leaves a citizen defenseless in their hour of need, totally not worth it. If it costs one life...

  • Support policies at companies and public institutions that promote gun safety

    Yes! If we are actually talking about gun safety! Fund Eddie Eagle as a required part of every elementary school's curriculum! Offer low cost adult safety courses and permit a tax deduction for gun safes.

  • Other:

    Prosecute criminals. Address gang violence. Keep dangerous people in jail for as long as possible.

Have you been personally affected by gun violence? Please share your story if you would like to do so.

I bluffed a home invader into leaving by yelling for a family member to get our shotgun. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens save lives. And to the extent they also take the lives of aggressive criminals, I am not shedding any tears.

Were you involved in the gun violence issue before the tragedy at Sandy Hook?

No. Gun crime and homicides generally are at a historic low. But I have been involved in promoting GUN SAFETY for years. It does not mean what you think it does. Civilian disarmament creates the illusion of safety. Allowing law abiding people to defend themselves with the most effective available tools increases safety. Training and education increase safety. Braying about guns as evil instruments of the devil and demonizing your neighbors makes you idiots who would leave the innocent at the mercy of the murderous, not crusaders for safety.

How have you been involved with Moms Demand Action so far?

Other: I debunk your propaganda and lies at every opportunity.

    How else are you willing to take action in your community? Please check all that apply.

  • Make calls to members of Congress
  • Make calls to other Moms to stand up for the Constitution and the 2d Amendment rights of law abiding citizens
  • Make calls to state legislators
  • Email members of Congress and/or state legislators
  • Use social media to fight misguided gun control attempts
  • Meet with an elected official
  • Lobby
  • Go to events sponsored by elected officials
  • Attend or organize rallies or events
  • Knock on doors
  • Gather petition signatures
  • Make a donation
  • Serve a spokesperson for Gun Rights groups
  • Other:

    Blog, post, talk to people, and vote against your idiot attempts to abridge liberty in the name of security theater.

Do you live in a house with a gun?


If yes, how is the gun stored?

In a gun safe or lock box

When your children go to a friend’s house, do you ask about guns in the home?

Not Applicable

Are you a gun owner?


Please check all that apply. I am a…



Please indicate your age-range.


Please indicate ethnicity or race if desired.


American Indian or Alaska Native

With what political party do you identify yourself?

Other: Pissed off Libertarian Constitutionalist.

Have you been involved in political campaigns or other advocacy campaigns before?


If yes, please describe.

Engaged in issue-based advocacy

Did you vote in the last Presidential election (2012)?


Do you vote in most other elections (federal, state and local)?


Are you a member of the NRA?

Yes, but only since post-Sandy Hook attempts to demonize all gun owners and violate our Constitutional rights. I never much liked Mr. LaPierre, so I never bothered joining before. But I am now a life member of the NRA as are all members of my household. I am sure that the NRA would like to thank you for our membership dollars, which are being put to good use in defeating your anti-American, anti-Constitutional anti-Civil Rights agenda.

Do you have any additional comments or questions for Moms Demand Action?

Stop censoring comments. If you can't refute opposing viewpoints, you are simply highlighting the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of your position.