Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Our Words

Bloomberg's Folly is exploiting victims of criminals with guns again. Yawn.

But they couldn't resist pointing out that the NRA does not speak for them.

Well, the NRA has never claimed to speak for every American. It claims to speak for its millions of dues paying members.

Perhaps the anti-liberty set should apply their distaste with "not our words" to their own house. "MOMentum is building!" announces MOMsanto PR flack Shannon Watts, she who presumes to speak for all mothers. She does not speak for me. And furthermore:

And now everything but the anti-gun comment has been deleted. Surprised, why no.

And then we get told that nothing we have to say matters:

Again, no surprises. The sheer degree of Orwellian double-speak and "some animals are more equal than others" elitist garbage from the anti-liberty opportunists is appalling.

Here's a screen shot of their Exalted Leader's LinkedIn page (except for the arrow, which I added.).

WTH is Thought Leadership? Is that the same thing that Eric Holder publicly touts, i.e. "brainwashing Americans" to get them to relinquish their 2d Amendment rights? Thought Leadership? More like fear mongering and emotional manipulation, with a side order of othering and demonizing their opponents, and censoring any comments that disagree with their party line. Really gives you the warm and fuzzies what some moms stand for.... NOT! And the fact that she's a former corporate shill for Monsanto just adds to her credibility... ALSO NOT!

Ron Paul: This is How Liberty Dies, With Thunderous Applause

As a Libertarian, given current events, the only appropriate post I can
think of making for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You...) is
the following:

Rebellious Reveille

Call me an extremist if you must, but at least I'm not a sheeple. Here's a little poem I wrote.

Rebellious Reveille

Fat cat politicians with their hands in countless tills
Balancing their budgets by taking away your grandma’s pills.
Next goes mortgage interest and you may just lose your home,
But Congress ain’t concerned from their patrician Capitol Dome.
Yeah, the republic is decaying and the common man is screwed.
The future’s looking scary when through average eyes it’s viewed.
We thought the American Dream trumped Malthusian economics,
But corporate greed and cronyism rendered it plain tragicomic.
It may already be too late to ever reverse the trend
Where we turn out our pockets so our overlords can spend,
But not on social safety nets or finding us a job.
Instead they’ll gladly pay a friend to build a bomb to lob.
And our inconvenient plebian selves that they’ve disenfranchised
Can be quelled as cannon fodder so the over-class survives.
Unless we throw off the chains of our financial servitude
The day will come when none of us has a job, a home or food.
The corporations get the breaks and send the jobs away
They don’t care for our future, just their personal paydays.
They do it in the name of their fiduciary duty,
But take their cut and tank the market, ripping out their booty.
And all our savings drop like rocks right along with the Dow,
Pensions, college dreams destroyed, but not their sacred cow
Of tax cuts for the rich and the corporate uber-class,
While the rest of us just take another boot right in the ass.
They’re threatening the unions and social security
While they maintain their lifestyles most assuredly.
We’re told we must buy health insurance to line their pockets more
So what if we can’t pay the rent with this illusory cure.
They hold up change and progress like it is the holy grail.
Yeah, they succeed and skim the cream and leave us the empty pail.
Wake up my people, look around, and finally take note
The robber barons stole our country and now they can buy the vote.
If we don’t find a way soon to restore our liberty
We’re heading for a cliff and a major tragedy.
Rise up and reject their glib self interested solutions
And don’t accept their profit-driven political prostitution.
By, of, and for the People is what government’s supposed to be.
Let’s find a way to make it so or we’re no longer free!

Copyright 2014, Chele Coyne. Feel free to share, with credit.

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime | Human Events

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime | Human Events

The monster is real - And it is IGNORANCE and FEARMONGERING

Have you seen the States United To Prevent Gun Violence Online Advertisement, entitled "The Monster Is Real"?

It's an animated cartoon, in which a kid finds something scary in the hall closet. His parents tell him there is no such thing as monsters. Eventually, curiosity overrides fear, with tragic results, when he decides to play with the "monster"-- a gun.

Here, watch if you want, but please stick around to hear my thoughts on this bit of blatant fearmongering propaganda.

OK, so what's wrong with that?

Where do I start?

Yes, folks, the monster is real, and it is ignorance, not a tool.

They say 1.5 million children live in homes with unsecured guns. And yet, we do not have millions of accidental gun deaths a year. Why is that?

Simply because the vast majority of parents in gun owning households are responsible people who practice gun safety and teach it to their children.

Ignorance is the monster, not guns. Fear is its ugly cousin. And education is the answer, the magic potion that banishes monsters, not further "feel good" knee-jerk failed gun control legislation.

If you wouldn't let a child play unsupervised with a band saw, then don't let him do so with a gun. This is not rocket science. Both are tools that pose major hazards if improperly used. Yet nobody is calling band saws monsters, legislating their storage and use, or demonizing their owners.

Nor, significantly, is anyone inadvertently teaching their children that band saws are toys, and gifting them with miniature plastic versions.

In many gun owning households, "toy guns" are not welcome, because they teach entirely the wrong lesson: disrespect for firearms.

It is, once again, our culture at fault, not a tool. (Just as our culture is where the roots of violence are formed, in poverty, alienation, hopelessness, and hate, which are what we really need to address, rather than demonizing any one particular tool that people use to commit violence.)

Stop buying Johnny a plastic popgun, and maybe he will not be inclined to play with the real thing.

Better yet, introduce Johnny to Eddie Eagle, or if you can't bring yourself to have even that little to do with the NRA, find another gun safety program.

Better yet, take Johnny to the range, and shoot a watermelon. Let Johnny see with his own eyes what power firearms have.

Then explain to him that the same thing can happen to someone's head if you point a gun at it. Guns are not toys.

Teach gun safety, not fear.

Fear doesn't work. It may, in the short term. But for the same reason that we love rollercoasters and horror movies, fear is not the antidote to curiosity. Eventually, curiosity and thrill seeking win out over fear. Fear mongering and labeling things or people as monsters is not the appropriate answer to curiosity. Providing knowledge is.

Teach kids to respect the power of firearms, the same way you teach them to respect power tools like band saws, lathes, circular saws, etc.

We will all be safer.

And here's Eddie Eagle, to assist you: