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A Pro2A Mom's Answers to Moms Demand Action [NON!!!] Member Survey 2013

Moms Demand Action Member Survey 2013 * Required First Name *Chele
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Do you think your elected officials are doing enough to prevent gun violence in your state?

No: I think my elected representatives are doing way more than necessary to impede law abiding citizens in exercising their Second Amendment rights, and NOTHING to stop criminals and the dangerously insane from spree killings and more mundane forms of "gun violence."

I think New York should be a shall issue state, and all law abiding citizens should be able to concealed carry.

I think gun free zones are happy hunting grounds for the demented and evil and should be eradicated.

I think we should do away with parole for violent offenders and increase mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes and crimes involving weapons. I think we should stop allowing criminals to plea bargain to lesser charges that erase any liability for using weapons in the commission of their crimes. I think we should prosecute 4473 violations (lying on background checks!) and enforce the laws we already have.

I think we need to fund mental health care to the point of actual parity rather than giving lip service to the idea and continuing to stigmatize people for seeking help.

I think the NYSAFE Act is unconstitutional and needs to be repealed or overturned by the courts.

    What do you think are the most important issues concerning gun violence? Please check [[bolded type]] all that apply.

  • Ensuring background checks for ALL gun sales

    We already have background checks and don't prosecute people who lie on them. Criminals do not buy guns in settings where background checks will occur. Back alleys, fellow criminals, unscrupulous friends and family and straw purchasers are their sources. All you are doing is adding more hoops for law abiding people to jump, and trying to discourage anyone from owning a gun by making it too expensive for all but your elitist cronies to afford. And Manchin Toomey had a lot of other land mines in it, like making me a felon if my husband went away on a business trip for more than a week, because his guns in the safe would have illegally transferred to me, sans background check.

  • Keeping military-style assault weapons off our streets.

    Stupid. Cosmetic features do not make a semiautomatic gun into a machine gun. Boogie man scare tactics.

  • Limiting high-capacity magazines

    Stupid. Only will affect law abiding people.

  • Making gun trafficking a federal crime


  • Tracking the sale of large quantities of ammunition and banning online sales.

    No. You already require background checks for gun sales. Ammo registry is backdoor gun registry and enables potential confiscation a la New Orleans during Katrina. Besides... Define large. I go through 500 rounds a weekend at the range, practicing. If I were competing, it would be more.

  • Establishing product safety oversight of guns and ammunition, and requiring child-safe gun technology.

    Stupid, doesn't work, keeps married couples from sharing guns, and if it fails and leaves a citizen defenseless in their hour of need, totally not worth it. If it costs one life...

  • Support policies at companies and public institutions that promote gun safety

    Yes! If we are actually talking about gun safety! Fund Eddie Eagle as a required part of every elementary school's curriculum! Offer low cost adult safety courses and permit a tax deduction for gun safes.

  • Other:

    Prosecute criminals. Address gang violence. Keep dangerous people in jail for as long as possible.

Have you been personally affected by gun violence? Please share your story if you would like to do so.

I bluffed a home invader into leaving by yelling for a family member to get our shotgun. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens save lives. And to the extent they also take the lives of aggressive criminals, I am not shedding any tears.

Were you involved in the gun violence issue before the tragedy at Sandy Hook?

No. Gun crime and homicides generally are at a historic low. But I have been involved in promoting GUN SAFETY for years. It does not mean what you think it does. Civilian disarmament creates the illusion of safety. Allowing law abiding people to defend themselves with the most effective available tools increases safety. Training and education increase safety. Braying about guns as evil instruments of the devil and demonizing your neighbors makes you idiots who would leave the innocent at the mercy of the murderous, not crusaders for safety.

How have you been involved with Moms Demand Action so far?

Other: I debunk your propaganda and lies at every opportunity.

    How else are you willing to take action in your community? Please check all that apply.

  • Make calls to members of Congress
  • Make calls to other Moms to stand up for the Constitution and the 2d Amendment rights of law abiding citizens
  • Make calls to state legislators
  • Email members of Congress and/or state legislators
  • Use social media to fight misguided gun control attempts
  • Meet with an elected official
  • Lobby
  • Go to events sponsored by elected officials
  • Attend or organize rallies or events
  • Knock on doors
  • Gather petition signatures
  • Make a donation
  • Serve a spokesperson for Gun Rights groups
  • Other:

    Blog, post, talk to people, and vote against your idiot attempts to abridge liberty in the name of security theater.

Do you live in a house with a gun?


If yes, how is the gun stored?

In a gun safe or lock box

When your children go to a friend’s house, do you ask about guns in the home?

Not Applicable

Are you a gun owner?


Please check all that apply. I am a…



Please indicate your age-range.


Please indicate ethnicity or race if desired.


American Indian or Alaska Native

With what political party do you identify yourself?

Other: Pissed off Libertarian Constitutionalist.

Have you been involved in political campaigns or other advocacy campaigns before?


If yes, please describe.

Engaged in issue-based advocacy

Did you vote in the last Presidential election (2012)?


Do you vote in most other elections (federal, state and local)?


Are you a member of the NRA?

Yes, but only since post-Sandy Hook attempts to demonize all gun owners and violate our Constitutional rights. I never much liked Mr. LaPierre, so I never bothered joining before. But I am now a life member of the NRA as are all members of my household. I am sure that the NRA would like to thank you for our membership dollars, which are being put to good use in defeating your anti-American, anti-Constitutional anti-Civil Rights agenda.

Do you have any additional comments or questions for Moms Demand Action?

Stop censoring comments. If you can't refute opposing viewpoints, you are simply highlighting the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of your position.

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