Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gun Control Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Snivelling Head Again

Last weekend, 25 people were shot in New York, many in gang or crime related incidents, with nary a peep from Bloomberg's MAIG or Moms Demand Action.

Today they are braying about the the victims in Santa Monica. They are startlingly silent on the 47 people killed by the guy who set fire to a bus in China, or the soldier beheaded with a meat cleaver on the streets of London, because it is not really about the problem of violence in our society, or sympathy for those killed in a horrific manner. Rather it is all about civilian disarmament and the use of tragedy for political gain.

It seems they only care about mass shootings, because they are the boogey man that they can use to scare the sheeple into thinking that disarming every law abiding citizen (which will have zero effect on the criminals, who will still have whatever weaponry they desire, and free choice among defenseless victims) is a desirable goal.

Only when it's dramatic and furthers their political agenda does the bloody shirt get waved. The rest of the time, when the victims are brown, urban, and/or poor, they don't even cause a blip on these affluent elitist gun grabbers' radar screens.

It's no coincidence that they launched their assault on the Second Amendment only after a bunch of cute little white kids from affluent suburbia were killed. This is nothing more than typical Not In My Backyard-ism. It was fine when it was someone else's neighborhood, but now the well-to-do liberals have their knickers in a twist, and they will sacrifice the rights of their countrymen so that they can fall back into comfortable denial and the delusion that "it can't happen here." Only it can, and it will, until the underlying causes of violence, rather than the tools a misguided few use to perpetrate it, become the thing that requires a national conversation.

Gun control is racist, classist, ableist and anti-feminist, and let us not forget, HYPOCRITICAL!

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