Friday, March 8, 2013

God bless these guns

Amazing, isn't it, that, given all the attempts to demonize guns and legal gun owners, these rifles didn't just crumble to dust or burst into flame when the holy water touched them.

Or maybe, like the people who know guns have said all along, they are just tools, and whether they are used for good or evil depends upon the heart and mind of the person wielding them.

Law abiding citizens are not the problem. We are just the convenient scapegoat for the criminals and the criminally insane, because our government has no clue how to actual solve those very real problems. Gun control is just as much security theater as the TSA groping 3 year olds and people in wheelchairs.There is nothing proposed that offers "common sense solutions" or "reasonable restrictions" when the entire problem has been mis-identified, whether out of ignorance or guile. What we have are bread and circuses that violate the rights of millions of law abiding people in order to put on a show for the gullible, who are no safer as a result.

It's not the guns who need an excorcist, no matter how "scary" they look, but rather our politicians, who are willing to trample the Constitution for political gain.

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